Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mind, Body & Soul

I’m clear that properly taking care of your mind, body and soul has a profound impact on your experience of life and feel blessed that I’ve had the opportunity to really explore the validity of this statement while living in India.  When I lived in the US I used to dabble in spirituality through the random yoga class, infrequent spiritual discourse I was invited to or the few times I would find myself in a church or temple. Deep in my heart I knew that I wanted to dive deeper into spirituality, however my head would always distract me with a host of superficial activities.

Now that I live in India thousands of miles away from the social distractions which I continually fall victim to in New York City, I’ve had the opportunity to transform my lifestyle and engage in activities which create energy rather than deplete it.  Daily yoga, meditation, prayer, teaching, writing, reading and just generally being aware has significantly enhanced my experience of life among multitudes of other benefits.   

I recently attended a spiritual workshop at a retreat located at the base of the magnificent Himalayan mountain range.  10 days of meditation, eating healthy food, swimming in the river, dancing, listening to spiritual discourse and trekking in the mountains.  It was heaven. I honestly felt lighter, happier and younger after just a few days of living like a modern day yogi. 

And yes…all of this spiritual living plays into my football world each and every moment.  There are many challenges faced on the path to professionalize football in India and I’ve found that a healthy mind, body and soul gives me the power to celebrate those challenges instead of being stopped by them. 

Here are some pictures from my Dharamshala retreat…

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