Friday, August 24, 2012

Simply Addressing a Need

I was in Pune last week and met the founders of a company called Hot Fut.  They have done well what so many others have been trying to do in the country for years. They were able to lease land from the government and set up small 5v5 artificial turf pitches for public use.

I enjoyed meeting this group because they were young, intelligent and passionate about the development of the sport. For them, setting up these pitches has nothing to do with making money. It is all about addressing a need for quality football playing environments for people of all ages.  With this attitude and approach, I was not surprised to see a wide range of individuals and groups enjoying their pitches on a Saturday morning including Manchester United Soccer School coaches, Happy Feet football schools and youth representing many countries around the world. 

With Hot Fut founders (far right and second to left)
I wish Hot Fut well as they look to perfect their maiden facility and begin to expand into new markets around the country.

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