Friday, February 22, 2013

Another Half Marathon

Long distance running was never something I thought I would take up when I moved to India, but already I’ve run 3 half marathons and one full one since moving here.  My 4th half marathon took place over the weekend and it was a special one as I chose to fly alone to a new part of India – Auroville/ Pondicherry – and run the 21km route.

I won’t go into detail, but will just share the following about my experience:
  • Travelling to a new place alone is both liberating and lonely but it’s something I completely recommend that every one does at least once in their life
  • Even though I didn’t train at all I still completed the half marathon in 2 hours which validates my belief that long distance running is more mental than physical
  • The more simple the operations are for a long distance event, the more fun and intimate it becomes
  • There is nothing like completing a long run and then jumping into the ocean 
I plan to take many more trips around the country using long distance runs as my incentive to experience a new location.  Let’s see where I end up next….

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