Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Budweiser 6v6 Cup – The Perfect Project

Anyone in the agency world can say that there are some projects which make you cry out and say, “Why me???” However then there those few projects which when you stop to look around you realize that it couldn't be more perfect. The Budweiser 6v6 Cup project I’m working on fits into the latter.  Football, fun (which means beer in this case) and fulfilling dreams of amateur footballers; 3 of my favorite things in life blended together into 1 awesome consulting project.

We have only completed the Delhi leg of the 6v6 tour which includes a National Final to determine which team goes on to London to represent India in the Global Beer Finals.  So with that, I won’t give my usual, boring recap and commentary of my experience with the project however I’ll let some of the pictures I took from the Delhi leg speak for themselves.

I will say that this tournament is the perfect platform to begin to connect the dots within the Indian football industry which is unfortunately something which has rarely happened before.  

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