Thursday, May 22, 2014

Celebrating a Fantastic Season w/Robin Singh & Family

The other day my colleagues and I went out to a 5 star celebration brunch with Libero client and Indian National team striker Robin Singh and his family. We had much to celebrate: to start, Robin’s wonderful Mother as it was Mother’s Day. She is the first “soccer mom” who I’ve met in India. There are few better sights than seeing her jumping up in down in the stands of Nehru Stadium while her only son is representing the country on the pitch. We were also celebrating the fact that Robin’s I-League club, Bengaluru FC, won the league in its first season with Robin playing a critical role for his team down the stretch. Another reason for celebration was the fact that Robin was recently selected to represent India in the Asian Games coming up in a few months.

Finally, and most importantly, we were celebrating the fact that three years ago Libero Sports and the Singh family trusted each other to join hands with the mutual intention to support Robin in having a fantastic career.  The leap of faith worked as Robin has clearly transformed from a rebellious youth with talent to an I-League champion and someone who, in a few short years, could be serving as the captain of the Indian national team.


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