Saturday, June 13, 2015

Same Places, Same Mission, New Avatar (Part 2): Libero Sports Offsite, Westin Sohna, Haryana

In May 2011, just a month after I had joined Libero Sports, our Managing Director, Sukhvinder Singh, organized a retreat for the entire staff to take part in a day of strategic discussions and resort-style fun at the Westin in Sohna, Haryana. At that point, Libero Sports had only recently moved beyond concept phase and I remember sitting at the dining table in the President’s suite with my colleagues discussing, debating and strategizing on how this young group (average age of 26) was going to pioneer and shape the Indian football industry. After hours of discussion, we joined our guests and spent the rest of the evening swimming, drinking, eating and dancing.  It was an unforgettable day which established a football family and laid the foundation for our organization to move forward.

Now fast forward 4.5 years and here are at the Westin again.  The itinerary is set, afternoon of discussion and then evening of debauchery.  There are similar faces, a similar mission however our years of experience within the Indian football industry have refined our approach to consulting and player representation.  As I’ve said countless times that in India you can only learn by doing.  Thankfully, our entire team has spent the last 4.5 years completely immersed in trying to understand, conceptualize, advise, plan and execute football players, programming & partnerships in order to professionalize the football industry and ensure our company continues to not only survive, but achieve annual growth.

If given the cosmic opportunity to interact, I’m not exactly sure what the young, brash and somewhat na├»ve team back in 2011 would say to our 2015 team about how far we have come over the past 4+ years and whether or not we have met or exceeded our 2011 expectations.  However, I can say with full confidence that our 2011 team would be proud of that the fact that we are still around, still very much a family and have never lost sight of our core mission: to pioneer and shape the Indian football industry.

Some of team Libero Sports in 2011

Enjoying the pool in 2011

Enjoying the pool in 2011
Enjoying the pool in 2015

Team Libero Sports in 2015

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