Saturday, October 1, 2016

FIFPro Asia Board Meeting

The other day I took the short, but scenic drive to Mumbai to attend a part of the FIFPro Asia Board Meeting.  FIFPro is a worldwide organisation established to represent the professional football community.  The India based member association connected to FIFPro, FPAI, invited me to speak with the Board members about my experiences as a part of the I-League and about what kind of support we would require from FIFPro.

It was an educational forum where I was able to learn more about the type of work FIFPro does and hear about their commitment to supporting professional footballers in India. I shared some of my challenges as it relates the player side of running an I-League club especially some pain points experienced given the fact that there are two leagues in India (I-League and ISL) and no standard player contract utilised in the industry.

The formal meeting was followed by a tasty lunch buffet and more conversation.  Overall, I'm glad that I ended up spending the afternoon with the FIFPro members as I walked away with a full stomach, wallet full of business cards and a better grasp of a part of the industry that clearly needs reforming in India.

With some members of FIFPro, FPAI, WIFA and NorthEast United FC

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