Friday, February 2, 2018

Discussing Indian Basketball with a Legend

Thanks to the fact that I’ve been around the industry for awhile and have built a decent network, I’ve had some unique experiences that fall somewhat outside of what I imagined I would be doing when I first came over to this country to support the growth of football.

One of these unique experiences took place a few days ago when I had the opportunity to spend time with NBA Legend A.C. Green in Mumbai discussing the development of basketball in India.  A.C. Green won three NBA Championships and was a staple on the Lakers from 1985 – 1993. A.C. Green was also a staple in my home growing up, well at least through the TV screen, as my family spent a lot of time watching the LA Lakers especially during the late 80s and early 90s.  

It never crossed my mind that I would have the opportunity to spend time interacting with A.C. and certainly never thought that an interaction would take place in an office in Mumbai, India of all places.   But life continues to amaze me and just last week I found myself sitting across from A.C. and a few people representing a professional basketball league in India sharing my experiences of being a part of the ever-evolving Indian sports industry.

The meeting lasted about 3 hours and I must say that A.C. Green is a true legend. Knowledgeable, professional and completely humble.  In addition, he genuinely wants to help India to become a stronger basketball country. I thoroughly enjoyed our interaction and felt good about representing my Brother and Father by letting A.C. know how much we enjoyed watching him support our beloved Lakers win a few titles.

Here is a picture from my fan-boy moment with A.C. after the meeting...

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