Saturday, June 2, 2012

One Dream Dead, Another Dream Realized

This morning I drove down to Ambedkar Stadium to play a friendly match.  On the way down, I realized that I was going to be playing in Indian football's national stadium, after the U-23 national team camp and the members of my team will be made up of national team staff.  I was excited for a few moments, but then I sadly acknowledged the fact that this would probably be the closest I get to actually playing on an Indian national team which had always been a dream of mine.

All was not lost though. Even though it was 110 degrees, I loved every minute of the game. I remember being in NYC dreaming about moving to India and playing weekend matches with some of the key influencers in Indian football.  Our team was made up of senior staff of Libero Sports India, FIFA and AIFF. 

So even though we lost the game, today was a draw for me. One dream dead, one dream realized....

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