Monday, April 1, 2013

Still a Child When It Comes to International Travel

It’s funny, even though I’ve traveled all over the world many times over, I still get excited prior to each international trip I take.  My last trip proves how much of a child I still am when it comes to travelling as I couldn't wait to fly from Delhi to Munich where I’d only be spending 20 hours before flying right back to Delhi.

Basically, one of my clients is interested in setting up a residential football Academy through a partnership with a top club and my organization is facilitating meetings for them with various clubs throughout Europe.  The first meeting happened to be in Munich to meet with the head of International Business for FC Bayern Munich, someone who I would now consider a friend. 

I felt quite blessed for those 20 hours even though I was dressed very poorly for the -5 degree Celsius weather I encountered when I arrived.  Blessed that I got experience the chaos of India and organization of Germany and then the chaos of India all in less than 36 hours, blessed that I had the opportunity to spend 3 hours in FC Bayern Munich’s office discussing possibilities for Indian football and blessed that had a chance to watch so many of the English movies I’ve missed while flying half way across the world and back.

Needless to say and I’m sure I’ll be saying this till I’m 100 years old, I’m looking forward to my next international trip….

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