Sunday, January 5, 2014

Top 10, Okay 11, Okay 12, Highlights from 2013

Although I’m writing a 2013 “End of Year” list in 2014, I’m going to go ahead and assume that I did fulfill my 2013 New Years resolution of defeating my rare, but definitely present insistence to procrastinate.

Anyway, here are, in some kind of particular order, my top 10 highlights of 2013:
  1. Visiting my Dad’s childhood village in Gujarat with my entire immediate family
  2. Experiencing the Gujarat Kite Festival which is one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to in any part of the world, period.
  3. Having mine and my parents story beautifully shared by author and journalist Mick Brown in the Telegraph Magazine UK
  4. Spending a few days in Goa with my family and girlfriend and being able show my parents and Brother a part of India they have never experienced before 
  5. Closing the Liverpool FC – DSK Group partnership after many many months of meetings, phone calls, discussions
  6. Representing the Indian football industry while spending two straight months on the road in the following cities: Los Angeles, Chicago, Kansas City, New York, Boston, London, Paris, Stoke, Manchester, Liverpool, Pune, Mumbai, Panjim
  7. Celebrating Major League Soccer’s unpararalled growth at the world class Sporting Park during the MLS All-Star Game
  8. Attending my first Soccerex in Manchester, UK while leading a delegation of 30 Indians representing government, industry, NGOs and grassroots football programs
  9. The day that we secured our 3rd client in Goa meaning that I’d most likely be visiting the beautiful Portuguese state at least once a month
  10. The end of the year meeting where we celebrated our revenues over the past year knowing that the Libero Sports India business model and team are right on track
  11. The bonus 11th is the day India was awarded the opportunity to host the 2017 U-17 FIFA World Cup
However my biggest highlight is the continuous series of moments over the course of the year when I stopped amidst the chaotic daily life of India, looked around and smiled, knowing deep in my heart that 4 years ago I made the right choice to move to this incredible country…

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  1. I am sure many people here in India are glad you made the choice of moving to India. :)
    I am sure 2014 will be even more exciting, primarily because you have learnt to look for excitements in chaos, and to experience the craziness with a hint of your home made wonderment!