Saturday, February 21, 2015

Field Hockey – I Actually Kind of Like the Sport

I remember when I was in high school, our football season happened to coincide with the women’s field hockey season.  So after training, my teammates and I would sometimes loiter on the side of the ground to watch the girls run around with these massive sticks hitting a heavy object around.  It was quite intriguing to watch however I never really got into the sport.

Fast forward about 18 years and one of the owners of the Delhi hockey franchise called the Waveriders invited my friends and I to watch their match against the Ranchi Rhinos.  The tickets we were offered were VVIP and somehow we found that our seats were right next to Bollywood Actor John Abraham, like literally seated on a couch next to him. 

I must say that we thoroughly enjoyed the match. Not only did Delhi win 2-0, but the game was fast, technically interesting and the crowd quite passionate.  Yes, my overall experience was enhanced by the fact that we were sitting on a leather couch next to a Bollywood star, the halftime dinner was unbelievable (pizza and biryani) and the weather pleasant, but honestly even without all of these perks I still would have enjoyed my experience watching professional field hockey. 

I recommend that more Delhiites go out and support the Waveriders as I can confidently say that anyone who likes watching football live will find some positive from their field hockey experience.  If you do plan on going, just do your best to get your hands on some VVIP tickets though, as the hospitality is quite impressive.  

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