Thursday, May 9, 2013

Osho Nisarga = Nature’s Battery

A lot of words could be used to describe what it’s like to live in India: adventurous, exotic, spiritual, frustrating, confusing, etc… but one word I rarely use is relaxing.  Even when I wake up, do yoga, meditate, eat a healthy breakfast, write and then head out of my house with a completely clear mind I find myself losing my head within minutes as a couple pigs will be rushing at me, 2 dogs will be chasing them, an auto driver will be fighting a rickshaw driver while both trying to get business from me and multiple families of 5 on motorcycles will come inches from death as they weave through the zoo which is ironically known as a “quiet upscale suburban oasis.” Add to that, I am an American who grew up in the sleepy Orange County, CA town of Fountain Valley who now works as a consultant in the complex Indian football industry. So needless to say, it’s nothing short of necessary for me to get away for a few weeks a year to disconnect from everything.

I used to hate the term “recharge my batteries.” Seemed like such a stupid saying because if your life is so exhausting that you need to go somewhere else to get energy then you are probably living the wrong life.  But now I get it. It’s not so much that life sucks energy out of everyone, it is that a healthy balance creates energy in people.  I love India daily life, I love working in Indian football however I also love sitting in a café in the Himalayas, drinking chai and reading a book….for 5 days straight.

The place where I go for balance is called Osho Nisarga  It is an eco-village/ashram where daily life consists of meditation, dancing, discourse, tasty veg food and a whole lot of beautiful nature.  After 5 days of disconnecting from the pigs, fighting, football, etc…, I have all the balance I require to immerse myself fully into that world again with more dedicated energy and optimism than before.

Most professionals are scared to take this time off for themselves because of opportunity cost, fear of looking bad in front of their boss or whatever other reason, but I feel strongly that just a few days enjoying yourself in nature can make all the difference between a hardworking, satisfied employee and someone who is too burned out to even care. 

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