Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Media: A "Small Timers" Best Friend

For some people the media is their worst enemy.  This is true for stars who can't take a step forward without the paparazzi in their face or for those who are into some sort of scandal which the media just won't let die.  For me and many other non-celebrities, the media is our best friend. It's the medium in which we can best share our story with the world which exists beyond our Facebook friends list.  By "small timer" I do not mean less important, it means that I don't play professional sports, do not act in Hollywood (or Bollywood), am not on TV, do not have any special unique talents like singing or dancing and am not the son of some big time star which pretty much means that the media could care less about what I'm doing and could care even less about sharing what I'm doing with the public.

The sad part is that there are so many others who do not fit into any of the categories above and yet they are up to big things in their lives which deserve to be covered on-air, online or in-print.  Even with all this, I still say that the media is a "small timers" best friend because every once in awhile a story gets picked up which sheds light on a special person, project or cause and its this platform which allows for the story behind this person, project or cause to reach the masses.

I've been blessed that for whatever reason the media has been a friend to me. It still seems inconceivable that a normal guy like me has been written about in the press as many times as I have. For the past 5 years only the sports media would typically include me in their pieces mainly to highlight a grassroots football program I was a part of or quote me on some initiative I launched.  But something changed a few days ago. My whole story was included in the Telegraph Newspaper in the UK.  Everything, not just a few lines about me moving to India, but my WHOLE story including my parent's lives before they even emigrated to the US and what my Grandmother had to do with their marriage. 

Anyway, let's just say that the last few days have been wonderful for me and my family as its a beautiful thing to have your story shared with the world, especially if its a story you are truly proud of. Here is a link to the article:

I just hope that this article inspires more people to find the courage to follow their hearts wherever their hearts chooses to lead them...

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